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Motivation to Progress

It's often the case that we all lead busy lifestyles nowadays. Be that a full-time job, a mum of three, hectic social plans or maybe a combination of all of these. It's so easy sometimes to get to 5pm and allow your body to go to shut-down mode. The option of snuggling on the sofa to catch up on the latest box set or a soap with a tub of ice-cream or a take out feels a lot more appealing that donning some Lycra and heading to the pole studio.

You have to read this now and be honest. We have all been there. A change in weather to overcast and showers or a sudden temperature drop, a cramp from "that-time-of-the-month" or maybe just the kids have been exceptionally hyper on sugar rush and suddenly the prospect of heading out and being active feels all a bit of an effort.

Excuses.... how can you get out of class? A headache? A hand injury? An accident on the A27? No babysitter? A late work meeting? Or maybe you're in that "two mind" phase where you feel like you should go but you're really struggling to get motivated and cant think of a reason why you cant make it?

Jodie Golby at Arun Leisure Centre

So how do you get yourself out of this feeling? This stage of having little or no get up and go?Inspiration.Firstly, I know, personally, my instructor is probably my biggest pole inspiration. She is the one person in the room who has been with me throughout my entire pole journey and she knows my strengths, my weaknesses and my progression. She was the one who watched my first spin take shape. She was the one who witnessed my first invert and when I proved myself wrong and did my first shoulder mount. And you know what? If she can make it to my class to teach, then I can muster up the energy to be her student.The second form of inspiration should be your fellow students. By all being in the room and working on moves together, you become a crowd of encouragement to one another. You are the motivation to someone else to go, as they are or should be to you.I also believe you should find inspiration in the champions. Look on youtube or various pole dancing pages on Facebook and check out some of the famous polers in the industry. With abs of steel and oversplits they definitely didn't achieve those things by slacking off when they couldn't find the motivation.That leads me to the last beacon of inspiration to get you motivated...... YOU.

Amy White performing the same move on a photo shoot. Credit: Karla McCarthy Photography

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