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Have a look at what some of our students say about their classes


Pole Passion Bognor Aerial Hoop

Ive always wanted to try this, for yeeeears, and I honestly didn’t believe I would be able to even get up into the hoop but some encouragement to attend class and give it a go and now I love it with a monthly membership 🧡 I’ve built strength quite quickly and learnt/done moves I wouldn’t of thought possible. Thank you so much


Pole Passion Bognor Aerial Hoop

Safe classes, professional instructors and always fun! Would highly recommend


Pole Passion Bognor Aerial

Great place to learn aerial, instructors are amazing at their instructions and guidance and it’s a great atmosphere, and great fun!
Recommend Big Time! You won’t regret it! 🥰💗🥰💗


Pole Passion Bognor & Pole Passion Aerial

5 stars all the way

I absolutely love these classes. Even 6 years on from my first class I still love the pole classes as much as I always did. It's the longest I've ever stuck with anything fitness related. And now they've also got me hooked on aerial hoop too. Plus I've had a go at static Trapeze, and aerial skills with them. 😊 The classes are great fun; great for fitness (especially if you want that flat tum); and it looks really pretty too. The instructors are fantastic, really knowledgeable and friendly. Plus everyone at the classes are really friendly too. Everyone encourages and cheers on everyone else. Couldn't recommend it more.


Pole Passion Chichester - Body Suite

Lovely teachers, made some great friends at the classes, I’m learning quickly (I think!) and it’s sooo much fun!


Pole Passion Bognor

100% would recommend! Excellent teachers, an amazing support network and great fun! Pole has made such a big difference to my life and I couldn't have asked for better people on my journey 🥰


Pole Passion Bognor

I absolutely love it. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and encouraging. Can't believe how much progress I have made already. It's a great workout but you work at your own pace and Sue makes sure you are safe. I always leave with a massive smile!


Pole Passion Bognor

Amazing lessons with a really excellent and professional instructor and I must say what an amazing group I have, every lesson gives us a new experience :) I am loving it!


Pole Passion Bognor - Bersted Park

Have been going to pole since about Dec 2015 and I love it. The instructors (Amy and Sue) are fab and so encouraging and even if you can't get a move straight away will always encourage you to retry it a bit later or work on another move and go back to it later. The other students are lovely and really welcoming and its a fantastic, comfortable atmosphere. I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and decided to actually attend a class on my own! I haven't looked back since, even doing two classes a week now and doing moves that I'd never have thought I'd ever have the capability of ever doing - exercise or anything remotely resembling exercise was a big no in my world. The confidence and friends gained is a definite plus to attending class. I'd 100% say to anyone to give it a go regardless of fitness, shape etc.


Pole Passion Littlehampton

Brilliant work out, great fun and have a laugh while getting toned love it!


Pole Passion Chichester

I gave pole classes at Pole Passion Chichester a go about 2 years ago after wanting to try something a bit more interesting to improve my strength and fitness. I have been absolutely hooked since! It's such a good way of gaining confidence, relieving stress and making great friends. Come and check it out!!


Pole Passion Bognor

I started pole a year ago after seeing it advertised at a ladies night! My first lesson and I remember watching the others in class in awe at how amazing they where, and wishing I could do what they were doing. I was totally hooked!! I love the challenge of learning something new. The strength, flexibility, confidence I have developed, and the friends that I have made I leave every lesson looking forward to the next.

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