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Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur and Semi Pro

We were lucky enough at Pole Passion Bognor and Littlehampton to host this amazing event at our Bersted Park studio in July. Instructor Sue took the role of Adjudicator, supervising the judges and ensuring all the rules were followed so that the competition was fair. Instructor Amy was Head Pole Cleaner, organising a team of people to clean the poles between each competitor, playing a vital role in ensuring a safe competition. Several of our students also helped out on the day - everything from pole cleaning to running the shop!

Next up is Miss Pole Dance UK Professional on 8th October 2016. We will be contributing just as much to this amazing professional event, giving our students the opportunity to see professionals in action and to mingle with the stars!

We're proud of the opportunities we are able to offer to our students and the exposure we can give them to the top level of the pole industry.

To see more details of the professional event in October check out:

Here's a few pictures of our fantastic day!

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