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Amy - Instructor

Amy White Aerial and Pole Instructor
Amy hoop.jpg
Amy White Aerial and Pole Instructor

I started pole back in 2014 when I saw a poster advertising a Pole Passion taster session, so I gathered all the courage I had and decided to go along to the open day. It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made, I was hooked after my first pole lesson with Sue. I was made to feel comfortable and given praise and encouragement throughout my first lesson and future lessons from then on.

My confidence came on in leaps and bounds and has made me a better person and I began to love myself again. That's what spurred me on to take the decision to become an instructor myself - I wanted to make others feel empowered and confident.

So here I am two years later and I have traveled to Budapest twice on Pole Passion's yearly pole retreat (which is amazing). I'm due to go off to Bucharest, Romania in September (2016) to watch the Worlds Pole Dance competition and attend Pole Passion's Aerial circus skills camp.

I regularly assist with the Miss Pole Dance Competitions as head pole cleaner which is an amazing experience and gives me a great opportunity to network with pole performers from all over the country. 

I have also done workshops with many of the big faces in the pole world, which has enabled me to learn many different styles and techniques of pole dance and fitness. 

I enjoy teaching all my students and I get a real sense of pride when a student manages a move that I have taught them, especially if it's a move that a student has been struggling with and then totally nails it! 

I really look forward to meeting all of you and welcoming you to Pole Passion.

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