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Sue Thompson - Owner / Instructor

Sue took her first pole fitness lesson with Pole Passion in March 2009 after being advised by the doctor to take up weight bearing exercise to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life. Starting with very little strength and flexibility, she quickly became hooked on the challenge and rewards of pole fitness, progressing to become an apprentice for Pole Passion in January 2010. Discovering that her hobby had become a passion, Sue qualified as an Instructor in July 2010 and started her own classes in January 2011 in Bognor Regis. Sue has since started classes in a number of venues in West Sussex.


Sue ensures her knowledge of pole fitness is always up to date so that she can continue to bring a huge variety of content to her students. Her personal development has included qualifying as a REPs Level 3 Pilates Instructor, an aerial hoop instructor, an aerial sling instructor and a stretch and flexibility instructor, disciplines she feels bring added value to the teaching she provides for her students. She continues to train regularly with master instructors such as Dan Rosen, Bendy Kate, Jess Leanne Norris, Donna Gant, Lesley Jackson, Alma Pirner, Elena Shishkova, Elena Artamonova, Barbara Palmaffy, Keem Martinez, Lisette Krol, Terri Fierce, Ilka Bardoczy and many others. Passionate about continued professional development, Sue co-heads the Pole Passion CPD programme, organising monthly training for all the instructors in Pole Passion, as well as workshops with national and international master instructors. 

Sue Thompson Aerial and Pole Instructor
Sue Thompson Aerial and Pole Instructor

In 2012 Sue started supporting Pole Passion in delivering their REPs accredited Pole Dance and Fitness Instructor Training. In this capacity, Sue has the opportunity to share her wealth of experience and knowledge with new instructors and contribute to making the industry a safe and fun place for everyone. In 2015, Sue commissioned and helped develop the first REPs accredited Shoulder Functionality and Pathology Workshop, as a response to the ongoing issue in the UK pole community of shoulder injury caused by poor instruction. 


In 2010 Sue started to assist Pole Passion at their national and international pole dance and fitness competitions including Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships. She has taken on a number of roles at these events starting in areas such as sponsorship coordinator, backstage competitor coordinator and promotion. Her professional approach at these events, combined with a growing extensive knowledge of the industry has led to her more recently taking on roles such as judge and adjudicator, overseeing the fair and consistent application of the rules. In 2014 Sue travelled to Beijing, China to deliver the first accredited Instructor Training in China and to adjudicate in the World Pole Dance Championships.

In 2011 Sue attended the Pole Passion Retreat in Spain. The following year she assisted Pole Passion with organising the Retreat in Budapest. Over subsequent years Sue progressed to becoming an instructor and assistant organiser at the annual retreat, offering a number of specialist and unusual workshops in pole, hoop and pilates.

Despite travelling all over the world and being involved in many areas of the industry, Sue’s self-confessed love and speciality is teaching mixed ability classes and teaching with an emphasis on individuality; working with each students strengths to help them progress in their own way and at their own speed…. Her classes in West Sussex will always hold her heart.

Sue Thompson Aerial and Pole Instructor
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