I started pole back in 2008. I was looking for something fun that gave me a social class. Things like Zumba are great for some but I did not want to stand at the back copying some ones moves, I like a bit of interaction. Pole for me was about becoming more confident with myself and meeting likeminded people that would become my friends. I left pole in 2010 to have my little boy.
In May 2013, I found Pole Passion and started to train weekly again. I became me again for an hour a week, not mummy with food down my clothes and dribble through my hair!

Karla McCarthy - Instructor

Outside of my pole life, I am a mummy to my little ‘bubsy’, a wife and a Photographer but most things draw me back to pole. My little boy has taken to having the odd spin in the living room and even my husband has had a go, plus my photography takes me more often than not to pole. Oh and once in a while you may catch me trawling through videos of Anastasia Skukhtorova who currently is my absolute pole hero.


I really cannot wait to see you at classes and to pass on to you the absolute passion that drives me!

I started to regain my confidence and I found a second family with it.I love the fitness aspect of pole however lately, I have really fallen in love with the grace and beauty moves can have and learning choreography and passing this on to my students. I think there is a place for all types of learning within pole and try to add in Choreography once in a while to add variety to my classes. My favourite moves within pole are spins and combinations utilising spins. I never have a ‘least favourite’ move however I always have that nemesis move that eludes me for a while. I am not a fast paced learner. I go at my own pace when I am a student so sometimes to perfect a move takes me a bit longer than some. Once it’s mine though, there is no stopping me!

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